Summer Shrubs

A shrub is a drink, not a plant, didn't you know? A super refreshing drink that pack's a punch and is the perfect summer thirst quencher. Apparently, you can add alcohol, but don't quote us [...]


Key Lime Whipped Cream

Ingredients 1 C heavy cream ¼ C sugar 1 ½ T SOOC Key Lime White Balsamic Directions Combine all ingredients. Using a hand mixer on medium speed, whisk for about 5 min or until cream [...]


Balsamic Candied Nuts

Whether for tapas or part of a snack spread, these candied nuts can be summed up in two words: amazingly addictive. For the sea salt, I use our Saltwest Sea Salts in both sweet & [...]


Lemon Tea Cake

A wonderful cake to serve for afternoon tea. It shows off the versatility of our Eureka Lemon Olive Oil. One tip is to make sure you beat the egg white until very stiff for a light [...]


Orange Pineapple Glaze

We use this glaze for many of our cakes, especially the Cranberry Blood Orange Pound Cake. It can also be used for glazing meats (like pork and fish), just omit the icing sugar! Ingredients 1/2 [...]


Simple Chocolate Cake

This is the easiest chocolate cake in the world—perhaps in the universe! You don't even need eggs, butter, or milk, and you probably have all the ingredients on hand. I use this recipe when I'm [...]



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