Crush Date: November 2020
ROBUST Intensity

From the top estate in Tunisia, this extraordinary olive oil registers the highest phenol count we have ever seen! Delayed and significant pepperiness and lingering bitterness signifying the healthy antioxidants. Contains notes of green tea leaf and hints of malt.
VERY ROBUST, if you seek the strongest oil & extreme health benefits! 

*Biophenols: 1127.9 ppm!                                   FFA: .27
Oleic Acid: 65.3                                       Peroxide: 6.7
DAGs: 94.6                                                 *PPP: <1.0

Squalene: 3,925                        A-Tocopherols: 424.8

Fruitiness: 4.8 Bitterness: 4.3 Pungency: 5.0

(* as measured at time of crush)