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Add a pour spout to your purchase! All bottles come standard with a ‘T-cork’ which seals the bottle, but when removed allows product to flow ‘full speed’ from the bottle. Our spouts prevent over pouring, and will save you money in the long run.

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Self Opening Stainless Pour Spout
Our ‘fancy’ Stainless Spout is great for entertaining and bottles in constant use. Simply tip the bottle and the weighted flap will open and you can begin to pour. Add a flourish at the table! Note that this spout doesn’t seal the bottle tightly (important to keeping your products fresh), we recommend keeping the T-cork in the bottle and replacing with this spout for entertaining. Also good for your ‘power’ bottles that you use daily.

Tapi Stopper/Pour Spout
Tapi Spouts efficiently slow the bottle pour and keeps it sealed when not in use. Simply remove the T-cork and replace with the Tapi. The black portion pulls off and you’re ready to pour!
Made from BPA free plastic, it is washable and reusable. Leave it in the bottle and remove when it’s finished and put it in a new bottle.


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